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The Low Content Book Publishing &
Printables Market Is BOOMING! 

Check Out These Amazon KDP Stats!

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The Stats Speak For Themselves...

Low Content Books and Printables (Digital Downloads) have always been extremely popular and the buyers market HUGE!

Since the start of Covid-19 and lockdowns all over the world, this market has exploded.

More people are buying online and looking at places like Amazon, Etsy and other platforms for low content books like coloring and activity books, even journals, to keep themselves and the kids entertained...

And they keep on coming back for more!
That's why 1000s of people started self-publishing businesses and many are quietly building passive incomes and living the life of their dreams.


There are three problems many people just starting out face:

1) Creating High Quality Content, and
2) Compiling it in the correct format
3) Time/knowledge to get all the working parts together


 That's the reason many low-content publishers either:

1)  don't get far, and
2)  give up after publishing a few books.

Luckily Now There Is A SOLUTION
That Enables You To Build
Your Publishing Business
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Smart Software Smart Software
That Lets Experienced and Newbie Publishers Compile KDP Print Ready Books As Well As Printables To Sell on Etsy, Gumroad etc.
With A Few Clicks of Their Mouse!

See How Easy It Is!

How To Create A Journal

How To Create An Activity Book

How To Download Images

How To Upload Images

Forget Spending Hours!

With Smart Book Builder All The Heavy Lifting Is Done For You!

So You Can Build Your Passive Income Publishing Business Faster and With Less Hassle!

So instead of spending precious time on finding assets and creating content, you can compile books and pages quickly, easily and build your publishing business a lot faster...

Save Time

Compile A KDP Print Ready Book/Digital Pages Quickly

Wide Variety

Ready-to-use pages for different types of books

Build Business Faster

Publish More & Increase Profits

No Tech Skills Needed

You don't need any technical skills to use Smart Book Builder

No Heavy Lifting

All the hard work is already done for you. You just pick and click

Cloud Based

You can access Smart Book Builder Anywhere, Any Time on Any Device

Still Not Sure Why Should You Get Smart Book Builder?
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Save Time

NO MORE spending hours doing research
NO MORE spending hours finding suitable assets
NO MORE spending days creating quality content

Wide Variety of Choice

Ready-To-Use Pages
Create Journals, Planners, Calendars & More
Coloring books for adults and children
Activity books for adults & children
Create Games & Puzzles (Coming)
Upload & Use Your Own Pages - use built-in editor to create unique pages *

Build Business Faster

Publish more books
Increase profits
Reach your income goals faster

No Tech Skills Needed

Nothing to install
No need to adjust settings
Simple and easy to use

No Heavy Lifting

All the hard work is already done
You just Pick & Click

Cloud Based

Access from anywhere
Work where and whenever you want

Get INSTANT Access to
Smart Book Builder

Wide variety of ready-to-use pages - Print ready for KDP
Download pages to sell as printables on Etsy
Compile and download print ready KDP & Etsy journals/planners, coloring & activity books/pages fast
Upload and use your own pages - use built-in editor to create unique pages ******
Access To Editable Covers ****
*** GOLD Membership Features (Pls see FAQ)

(one time payment BRONZE ACCESS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the software work on PC and Mac?

Smart Book Builder is a cloud based app and works well on PC and Mac

Do I need to download the software?

You don't need to download any software. You will only have to download the books/pages you've created

Is This A One Time Investment?

For access to the bronze package there is only a one time payment.  This allows you lifetime access to the software and unlimited use of the materials and features in the Bronze package.

Bronze Package - The launch price for Smart Book Builder will be $27 and once the launch is over the price will increase to $47. This is a One Time Payment and will give lifelong access to the Bronze Smart Book Builder package. This package gives users access to all the pages in the library at the time of launch.

Are there any upgrades? Do I need to buy them to make the software work?

You don't need to buy anything else to make the software work, but there is an upgrade option if you would like to have access to more features.

Optional Upgrade : Users can upgrade to Gold Membership if they would like to have access to more features:

Gold Membership is an optional upgrade that will be available during launch at $19 per month.  After launch, price will increase to $29 per month. This package gives users access to all new pages added every month.  Our coloring packs form part of these new pages. We usually release at least 2 packs per month at $17 per pack (during launch) then $27, so becoming a Gold member means a minimum saving of $34 per month. Gold members also have access to the built-in editor to edit and create unique pages easily.

Gold Members also have the ability to upload and use their own pages (although currently these pages will not be stored for longer than 8 hours). Users will also have access to Keyword and Category lists as well as Editable Covers. Gold members will also have access to all future add-ons.

Do you provide training? What if I need help?

Yes, we do.  There are tutorial videos available and should you need help we're always here to help. You just submit a support ticket

How much money can I make?

That is unfortunately not a question we can answer. We also cannot guarantee that you will make money. There are publishers who are making a lot of money, so the potential to make a solid passive income is there for anyone

With the software it's very easy for you to consistently publish quality books on a regular basis

However, how much money you make will depend on your motivation, your work ethic and how much time you are willing to spend to build your business. There is no such thing as "overnight success". It takes time and effort.

Can I get a refund?

We understand that people need peace of mind before investing in anything (especially software). So for that reason, we do offer a refund within 30 days of purchase, but only if you experience technical problems that we cannot sort out.  We do not offer SBB for a trial run. Therefore, if you're thinking of getting the software just to turn around and ask for a refund, please note that we will not refund you.

We are committed to deliver a product that is useful and can make life easier for KDP and Printable self-publishers, and we want to work with people who are serious about using Smart Book Builder to build a business and willing to put it to good use.

Please make sure you understand what the software is all about and how you can use it in your business. Watch the demo videos and contact our support desk at with questions (before you buy) if you are unsure whether the product is what you need.

At this point in time there isn't a trial version available, but we're looking into the possibility of making one available in future for people to test out before they buy the software. Right now, we ask people to 100% understand what the software is capable of and whether it can truly benefit them, and to contact our support if they don't know, before purchasing the software.


Do people really make money with Low Content Books & Printables?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, since 2020 and the start of Covid-19 lockdowns publishers have been reporting an increase in sales.

Get in Touch - we're always here to help you!

We're Always Ready To Help!

We pride ourselves on outstanding support and if you need help we're just a click away!

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