Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Smart Book Builder?
A: Smart Book Builder is a revolutionary push-button software that allows for the easy creation of books that are ready to be uploaded and sold on KDP or Etsy without you needing to find or create content from scratch.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Smart Book Builder costs $27 during our launch week and $47 after launch. To upgrade to gold membership will be $19 per month during launch and then $29 per month after launch.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: We understand that people need peace of mind before investing in anything (especially software). So for that reason, we do offer a refund within 30 days of purchase, but only if you experience technical problems that we cannot sort out.  We do not offer SBB for a trial run. Therefore, if you're thinking of getting the software just to turn around and ask for a refund, please note that we will not refund you.

We are committed to deliver a product that is useful and can make life easier for KDP and Printable self-publishers, and we want to work with people who are serious about using Smart Book Builder to build a business and willing to put it to good use.

Please make sure you understand what the software is all about and how you can use it in your business. Watch the demo videos and contact our support desk at with questions (before you buy) if you are unsure whether the product is what you need.


Q: Is there a trial version of SBB available to test out?
A: At this point in time there isn't a trial version available, but we're looking into the possibility of making one available in future for people to test out before they buy the software. Right now, we ask people to 100% understand what the software is capable of and whether it can truly benefit them, and to contact our support if they don't know, before purchasing the software.

Q: Do I need any technical skills? Do I need to be a designer?
A: Not at all! Smart Book Builder is incredibly easy to use. All of the heavy lifting has been done for you.

Q: Do I need to download anything?
A: No, the software is entirely online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Q: How does it work exactly?
A: Smart Book Builder has a lot of content available to create different types of books, from journals to activity pages such as word or sudoku puzzles. You compile the type of book you want, whether that be an activity book or a coloring book, decide on the number of pages, download and you're ready to upload to KDP or sell on Etsy!

Smart Book Builder also has a number of standard Copyright, This Book Belongs To, and Thank You pages for you to include in your book so you can do everything in one go.

Q: What kind of books can you create on Smart Book Builder?
A: What you can create depends on your membership level. Bronze members can create journals, log books, activity books, and regular coloring pages for KDP or Etsy. Gold members have access to all that and the specialized coloring packs, such as the Man's Best Friend coloring pack.

Q: What is the difference between Bronze and Gold Membership?
A: When you buy Smart Book Builder, you have bronze membership for life. You can then create whatever kind of books you want from the content available to bronze members, such as log books, journals, activity books, and standard coloring books.

Gold Members pay a monthly fee of $19 (special launch price) or $29 (standard price after launch) and can do everything bronze members can and so much more! Gold members can also temporarily upload their own content to Smart Book Builder to compile into their book, they have access to the special coloring packs, as well as the Coloring Pack Editor.

Q: Can I upload my own pages?
A: You can upload your own pages if you are a gold member. Please note, due to bandwidth constraints, your custom pages will only be on the system for 24 hours and you must download your book that contains these pages within that time period, otherwise you will have to redo it.

Q: Do I have to buy the software AND the gold membership if I want to be a gold member?
A: You will become a bronze member once you've bought the software for a once-off payment of $27 during launch ($47 after launch). You will then be given the option to upgrade to a gold membership. If you become a gold member, you will pay an additional monthly fee of $19 (special launch price) or $29 (standard price after launch).

Q: Do I pay a monthly subscription for my bronze membership?
A: No. You become a bronze member once you've bought the software for a once-off payment of $27 (launch price) or $47 (standard price).

Q: Can I cancel my gold membership at any time?
A: Yes. You'll still have access for the month you paid for, but you will lose access to exclusive gold membership content and privileges, as well as the Coloring Pack Editor, once your membership has expired.

Also, please note that if you buy gold membership during launch for $19, cancel that membership in the future, and then buy it again after launch, you will then have to pay the standard price of $29.

Q: If I cancel my gold membership, do I lose access to the software?
A: No. Once you buy Smart Book Builder, you're automatically a bronze member for life. If you upgrade to gold membership, you're upgraded to that level, and should you cancel, you'll just be downgraded to bronze membership again. This means that you'll still have access to Smart Book Builder and the content available to bronze members.

Q: What happens to the books I created as a gold member if I cancel the membership?
A: Any books you created AND downloaded from the system will be yours forever and you can do with them as you please even after canceling your gold membership.

Q: What is the Coloring Pack Editor?
A: The Coloring Pack Editor is a wonderful part of Smart Book Builder that allows you to change the coloring packs as you see fit. In other words, you can mix and match backgrounds from different coloring packs, you can combine assets from different packs, you can easily place assets onto backgrounds, all so that you can create the coloring book YOU want. The Coloring Pack Editor can even be used to create Copyright, This Book Belongs To, and Thank You pages. The Coloring Pack Editor is only available to gold members.

Q: How often is content added to Smart Book Builder?
A: New content is added regularly! Special coloring packs are added every month.

Q: What's planned for Smart Book Builder?
A: Smart Book Builder is ever-growing and getting better and better. We're planning on adding many more features that will be available to gold members without any extra charge.

Q: Can I use Smart Book Builder to publish directly to KDP?
A: No. Smart Book Builder is a book-creating tool, not a publishing tool. You will need to download the PDF and upload it via the KDP publishing portal. Please note that Amazon strongly disapproves of publishing tools and using them could land you in trouble, so we strongly discourage using them.

We hoped we answered most of your questions.
If you have any questions not covered here, please feel free to contact us.
We'll be glad to answer them.