Here's Your Chance To Promote A
Fast & Easy-To-Use Software Fast & Easy-To-Use Software
That Enables Low Content Publishers
To Create & Publish
Low Content Books & Printables Quickly & Easily
With A Few Mouse Clicks! 

Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, more people than ever are turning to Low Content Publishing. Why?  Because...
Low Content Publishing is one of the easiest ways to start an online business. 
Not only can it provide passive income, but there's no need for a massive cash outlay, expensive tools or special skills.
Still...there IS something
that prevent many self-publishers from publishing regularly and consistently and finding success:
The time and effort it takes to create high-quality content and  publishing on KDP,
or selling on Etsy  and other platforms.

Fortunately, There IS a SOLUTION!

Smart Book Builder

Smart Software That Helps Experienced and Newbie Publishers Compile KDP Print Ready Books
Pages To Download & Sell As Printables...
With A Few Clicks of Their Mouse!

This Is YOUR  Opportunity To Earn Great Commissions (Some Recurring) AND Help Publishers Build Their Business Faster and With Less Hassle!

Instead of us trying to tell you all about Smart Book Builder, check out the Sales Page and see for yourself why PIP Members couldn't wait to sign up and use the software!

Still Not Sure Why You Should Promote
Smart Book Builder?
Just Look Below...

50% Commission on Front End

The FE offer is a once-off payment for  Lifetime Access to the Smart Book Builder Software.

Users will immediately have access to more than 5000 pages and we will be making more available over time

Regular Price: $47

50% Recurring Commission on Gold Membership

Gold Membership offers users so much value, we're confident they'll stick around for a long time

Regular Offer: $29 p.m

Click here for more details on Gold Membership Offer

Launch Contest


First prize: $200 (25 sales minimum to win)
Second prize: $150 (20 sales minimum to win)
Third prize: $100 (15 sales minimum to win)

Please note : Inline upsell sales do not qualify

Prizes will be paid 30 days after launch ends to allow for refunds to be taken into consideration

Extra Commissions On Inline Upsell

"Inline upsell" is a new beta feature in Warrior Plus that
offers an impulse upsell directly on the checkout page.

We added Passive Income Publishing Course for $9.97 as the inline upsell.

Passive Income Course is the perfect companion to SBB for people who want to learn more about low content publishing. 

Thanks To Our Affiliates, The Passive Income Publishing Course Launch Was
MASSIVE  Success.
We hovered on the Warrior+ Top 10 Product page right through the launch and got to the  #4 spot!
We Look Forward To Working With You & Making The Smart Book Builder Launch Even More Spectacular And Getting To
#1 This Time!


1. Affiliates will be paid through their Warrior Plus Wallet.

2. You CAN NOT create or run "negative" video, PPC, iframe or any promotion types that use a phrase such as "Smart Book Builder scam."  Affiliates who do this will be removed and forfeit any commissions earned.

3. You CAN NOT use the name Smart Book Builder to create a website, Facebook pages, or any other marketing methods that make it seem like you own the product name.

4. No cash incentives! You can offer additional bonuses, but you cannot entice people to buy though your affiliate link by offering them any type of cash reimbursement.

5. These terms can change at any time without notice.

Need Anything Else?  Please Get In Touch!

We're Always Ready To Help!

We pride ourselves on outstanding support and if you need help we're just a click away!

See You On the Inside!

Cheers, Marlene & Michelle

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